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In the Spring of 2020, my two youngest daughters found themselves in need of some custom-printed t-shirts for their school’s Spirit Week. They asked Emma to produce some designs as she had always been so artistic. This task inspired Emma to hold a giveaway for her own classmates at the end of the year.


She wanted to commemorate a full year of accomplishments and memories. Emma quickly and enthusiastically started working on the graphic designs for the t-shirt. As the perfectionist that she is, she wanted the t-shirts to be high quality, attractive looking and yet affordable.. But there was an obstacle: the last requirement – affordability – could not be met. The price of the t-shirts greatly exceeded her budget.

Emma, been so talented  and smart, couldn’t believe that a t-shirt could be so expensive. She conducted some research and discovered something incredible: t-shirt printing companies, even the online ones, operated with mark-ups in the range of 50 to 60 percent! Emma realized that, at these prices, there was no way she could afford shirts for her sisters' and friends.

An Alternate Solution


Just before giving up on the shirts, Emma came up with a seemingly brilliant idea: if no one wanted to offer a fair price, she thought, perhaps she could offer one. Still in high school, she had no business experience, no money, and no concept of where to start. But the idea of reasonably priced shirts stuck with her. So she suggested we'd start a family  business, and so Glitched Art Collectibles was born.

Emma plans were modest: she would print shirts and sell them to other clubs at her high school, relying on the “wow” factor of her company’s low pricing to spread the word. But just months after its formation, word of Glitched Art Collectibles’ honest pricing spread beyond just her high school. As orders were rolling in, we realized that Glitched Art Collectibles could be more than a high school side project: it could become a real business.